DRIVE conference 2019 highlights.


Richard Florida Keynote

Dr. Richard Florida presents his insights into how creativity and the Creative Class are revolutionizing the global economy.


Daniel Isenberg Keynote

Professor Daniel Isenberg talks about the concepts and development of entrepreneurship ecosystems.


Joanna Rees Keynote

Hear from Joanna Rees as she talks about Endeavor - an organization leading the high-impact entrepreneurship movement around the world.


Fireside Chat: Maria Gotsch Iain Klugman

Hear from Maria Gotsch and Iain Klugman as they discuss how their organizations spur innovation.


The Data-Driven Ecosystem

Hear how the power of data can increase market transparency and remove the barriers that make it difficult for entrepreneurs to scale their companies.


Innovators or Cookie Cutters: Do Accelerators Spur or Limit Growth?

Accelerators are popping up in cities across the globe, but shouldn’t we take some time to ask: What do companies actually get out of their time in an accelerator?