Canada’s global conference on scaleup ecosystems.

February 20-22, 2019

Lazaridis Hall, Waterloo


What is DRIVE?

DRIVE is Canada’s global conference on scaleup ecosystems. In its inaugural year, DRIVE poses the question of how to create domestic value in a global tech economy.

DRIVE will bring together thought leaders from around the globe — policy-makers, researchers, accelerators and successful tech CEOs — to compare best practices and highlight bold ideas.

DRIVE is not just a collection of talking heads: DRIVE is data-driven, providing participants with the evidence they need to make better decisions. DRIVE will make a permanent contribution to the study of scaleup ecosystems by releasing research, data and tools that will live beyond the conference.


2019 Featured Speakers

Introducing DRIVE’s 2019 Keynote Speaker


Richard Florida

Thought-leader and author, The Rise of the Creative Class


Lazaridis Hall (19).jpg
Waterloo’s reputation as a tech hub continues to expand. DRIVE will enable us to share our ecosystem’s energy and vision with global players — international hubs, founders and policy-makers — and to learn from their diverse perspectives on growth.

Managing Director Lazaridis Institute for the Management of Technology Enterprises
Co-Chair of DRIVE

DRIVE is where data, policy and practice meet in the world of scaleup ecosystems. We’re bringing together leaders from global accelerators, policy-makers, academics, funders and founders to challenge each other and present bold new ideas on building scaleups.

Founder and CEO of Hockeystick
Co-Chair of DRIVE


We can’t wait to see you there.


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